Thursday, March 13, 2008


The First of the Final Four Projections

Since only two of the top eight (Memphis and Georgetown) were in action tonight and both won handily, there's no change in the top 8 of tonight's bracket (seed list). I'm writing this earlier than I'd planned tonight, since I need to get to work early so I can leave early to make the Pat League final tomorrow. Therefore, I won't be able to account for any games wrapping up beyond 10 p.m. Eastern. With this in mind, I swapped UConn and Stanford, dropping the Huskies down to the 4 line after their loss to West Virginia this afternoon. The Mountaineers moved up to the 8 line based on this result. Pitt moved up to the 7 line after beating Louisville, who also falls down to the 4 line. Notre Dame replaces them on the 3 line, which may change tomorrow based on what happens in their Big East quarterfinal with Marquette.

No New Entries Today

I won't have a horse in the race this year, as Florida's "Boeheim" burst after a simply awful first half against Alabama tonight. Two other bubble teams are just barely hanging on courtesy of others' failings. Baylor drops down to an 11 seed, after losing in 2OT to bottom seed Colorado in the Big 12 first round. Arizona State is right on the cut line at the moment, but miserable Pac 10 officiating cost them their quarterfinal with USC this afternoon. The Bears and Sun Devils are saved by the fact that UAB, Houston, Villanova, Florida, and Dayton all lost today. ASU needs to root for an Oregon loss tonight. The Ducks are the next team in line to move into this projection.

Next update will be tomorrow night/early Saturday morning.

Conference Breakdown

Big East - 7
Big 12 - 6
Pac 10 - 6
SEC - 5
Big 10 - 5
ACC - 4
West Coast - 3
Atlantic 10 - 2
Colonial - 2
Missouri Valley - 2
Mountain West - 2
Sun Belt - 2

Last Four In

Illinois State
Ohio State
Virginia Commonwealth
Arizona State

Last Four Out
New Mexico
Virginia Tech

Next Four Out

Also Considered

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