Wednesday, March 12, 2008


The Big Boys Get Into the Act

There are very few changes at the top of tonight's bracket (seed list). The ideal Elite Eight matchups are the same as last night. However, I did move UConn up to the 3 line, dropping Stanford to the 4. Any changes on lines 5 through 12 are the result of this flip.

Substitution: Brutus in for Otto

The "Boeheim" burst for the Orange this afternoon. But, Syracuse's loss didn't put victors Villanova in. Ohio State was the next team in the queue last night, so the Buckeyes move into the bracket tonight. If the Wildcats beat (or are lose a close one to) Georgetown tomorrow at noon, Nova may bring the Big East's bid total back up to 8.

Mount St. Mary's is our new auto bid tonight, after they kept Sacred Heart from clinching their first tournament bid. The Mountaineers look destined for a Tuesday night date in Dayton.

In other games to watch tomorrow, Dayton can start to hope if they knock off Xavier tomorrow in the A-10. St. Joe's needs to beat Richmond to stay alive, and UMass will drop out if they lose to the URI-Charlotte winner. Two seed Temple is just on the fringe of the at-large discussion, but if they keep winning that will change. Big Five rival LaSalle is the Owls' quarterfinal opponent.

It's a big day in the Pac 10. Arizona State and Oregon are probably fighting for one berth. The Sun Devils play USC and the Ducks get Washington State. Whoever gets furthest should get in. In the SEC, Florida needs to beat Alabama and Ole Miss must take out Georgia to keep their slim hopes alive. In the ACC, Miami is pretty safe, but cannot afford a loss to 12 seed NC State. Maryland cannot afford a loss to BC in the night session.

Next update late tomorrow night.

Conference Breakdown

Big East - 7
Big 12 - 6
Pac 10 - 6
SEC - 5
Big 10 - 5
ACC - 4
West Coast - 3
Atlantic 10 - 2
Colonial - 2
Missouri Valley - 2
Mountain West - 2
Sun Belt - 2

New This Bracket
Mount Saint Mary's (auto)
Ohio State

Out of the Bracket
Sacred Heart (auto)

Last Four In

Illinois State
Arizona State
Ohio State
Virginia Commonwealth

Last Four Out
Virginia Tech

Next Four Out
New Mexico

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