Monday, March 20, 2006


Weekend #1 was a lot of fun

What a great four days of hoops that was...well, except for Syracuse failing badly Thursday night and the second set of games on Friday afternoon (Monmouth and Southern Illinois fighting it out to see who'd end up with the second lowest point total for the first round up to that point, after Belmont).

On Friday night in Jacksonville, I entered the only sports bar in the world where most of the crowd was cheering for favorites. There were some UConn fans, some Pitt fans, some KU fans, some UK fans...all of whom were cheering for each other's teams. Did they cheer for George Mason to beat Michigan State? Uh, no. How about the non-Husky fans...did they cheer for Albany to pull off the greatest upset in history? That'd be a negatory. It was one of the most annoying moments I've witnessed as a hoops fan. I was happy to see the Pitt fans get their comeuppance against Bradley yesterday in the now infamous hearthrob game. I wonder if the committee thought of that when they were drawing up the matchup.

Mike Slive: Hey, let's see if we can make it so Bradley and Pitt would play in round two.
Craig Littlepage: Why?
Slive: CBS would font it as the BRAD-PITT game.
Craig: That'd be hilarious!
Karl Benson: Maybe, Verne Lundquist or someone would make a joke about Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie being at the game.

It was also nice to see Jim Nantz and Billy Packer offer up a mea culpa last night late in the Villanova-Arizona game. George Mason, Bradley, and Wichita State proved a lot this weekend, so did Northwestern State, Winthrop, and Albany. The day when a 16 beats a 1 is coming. One day very soon the committee will underseed some club from a one-bid league and the streak will end.

Thursday night picks coming up tomorrow.

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