Thursday, March 30, 2006


Going to Indy

So much for me not travelling. One of my friends managed to get tickets, so I'll be heading up Friday. Pictures and a report will obviously follow. As for my picks...

Florida over George Mason The run ends here for the Patriots. They've played a lot of talent so far, but Michigan State, North Carolina, and UConn all had times this year where they didn't play well as teams. The Gators, however, have a ton of talent and are an unselfish team. That will be the difference.

LSU over UCLA LSU is also playing their best basketball at the right time. The Bruins guard play should make this game reasonably interesting. I'm still planning on buying the biggest Coke the RCA Dome offers right before tip.

Championship: Florida over LSU I know it's hard to beat the same team three times, so maybe this is the homer in me coming out. Noah, Richard, and Horford have done a very good job against Thomas and Davis so far this year though, and I think UF's guard play will also be an advantage. I think the potential of an LSU double ends here.

I will be back Wednesday.

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