Sunday, March 12, 2006


Final Projection

Here it is.

I had to do a little adjusting after Kansas beat Texas to win the Big XII tournament. KU is the last four, while Tennessee drops to a five. Iowa is about to beat Ohio State to win the Big Ten. I would've liked to move the Hawkeyes up a line and tweak Ohio State's location; however, the two, three, six, and seven lines are full of Big Ten teams already. I would've had to start all over. With less than half an hour until the real thing comes out, there isn't the time.

I'll have a post-mortem up later this evening. One big change, Michigan is out and Seton Hall is in. I looked at the numbers one last time, and their finish (3-7 in their last 10) and road/neutral record (5-7) are too bad to ignore. Seton Hall has its flaws (5-5 in the last ten, 5-7 in road/neutral games), but the Pirates are 5-4 against the top 50, while the Wolverines are 3-8.

Bids by Conference
Big East 9
Big Ten 6
Missouri Valley 5
Big 12 4
Pac 10 4
Colonial 2

Last Four In
George Mason
Seton Hall
Texas A&M

First Four Out
Florida State
Missouri State

Next Four Out
Air Force
Utah State

Off the Board (In --> Out)
Delaware State --> Hampton
St. Joseph's --> Xavier
Michigan --> Seton Hall

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