Sunday, March 12, 2006


A brief post-mortem

Here's a summary of my results...

27 seeds correct (including the two 16 seeds in the play-in game.)

2 teams completely incorrect (Creighton and Cincinnati didn't make it, while Air Force and Utah State, two teams on the Next Four Out group (!!) got in).

Of the 37 seeds I missed, 19 were off by one line. 18 were off by more than one (13 by two lines, three by three, and one by four [Southern Illinois]).

I'm very surprised that Tennessee got a 3 seed, and North Carolina got a 2. Gonzaga getting a 3 makes sense, considering that many of the high-profile games they scheduled were either losses (Memphis, Washington) or didn't pan out (Oklahoma State, Maryland).

More detailed analysis after I actually get to look at the bracket (as compared to just checking out my own results).

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