Saturday, January 14, 2006

Hello fellow college basketball fans!

I've been playing around making with mock brackets for quite a long time now. I felt it was finally time to put my offerings on the web, if only to see how they compared to the real experts out there. I get to watch a lot of games thanks to Full Court and Fox College Sports, so I've seen far more teams play than the usual fan. (Being single and having no life helps with that as well.) Now that we have quite a few games under our belt, I've come up with my first bracket for the season (and first ever on the web).

Bracket projection for Saturday, 14 January 2006.

Here's the breakdown of a few key things I used in my projection.

Last Four In

First Four Out
Boston College
Oklahoma State
Colorado State

Next Four Out
There are a ton of mediocre teams who could fit in this class right now.

Big East (8)
Big Ten (7)
ACC (5)
SEC (5)
Pac-10 (4)
Missouri Valley (4)
Big 12 (3)
Mountain West, WAC, C-USA (2 each)


What I'll be watching today
Lots...especially since my three favorite teams play a back-to-back tonight. (This is what you call a good transition, folks...we get right to my biases).
Milwaukee at UW-Green Bay at 4
Auburn at Florida at 6
Syracuse at Cincinnati at 8

I have broadcasting and poli sci bachelor's from Florida and a master's in poli sci from Milwaukee (aka UW-Milwaukee). I grew up wanting to go to Syracuse, but a lackluster scholarship offer killed that. Also, I may be the only SEC alum who actively likes the Pac-10.

Comments are more than welcome. I'll post intermittently this week as I'm traveling to the Miami area to help train some trainers Monday and Tuesday. I will have another projection next Saturday at about this time.

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